Ford 4X4 Van Conversions & Campervans

Although somewhat of a niche market, 4X4 Ford Vans remain a popular aftermarket modification. While some Ford Vans are made into four-wheel-drive machines for strictly offroad use only, the vast majority of 4X4 Ford Vans are made for camping purposes. Check out Ford 4X4 Camper Van to learn more about this.

Despite heavy usage as work/utility vehicles and for other commercial applications; Ford has never produced the Econoline with 4 wheel drive from the factory. They were always factory-authorized conversions modified by 3rd party companies. This makes 4X4 Ford Vans one of the rarer model variants. There are however two notable companies that specialize in Ford 4X4 Vans along with a 4WD conversion kit available for the weekend warrior.


4X4 Ford Vans For Sale

Quigley Ford 4X4 Van

Quigley Motor Company, INC.

Quigley is probably the most well-known 4X4 Van manufacturer, producing not only 4X4 Ford Vans but also 4WD vans from GM and Nissan. Quigley converts nearly every type of Ford E-Series van into 4X4 vehicles including the E150, E250, E350 models in Cargo, Passenger, Wagon and Cutaway variants. This includes regular and extended wheelbases as well as diesel engines. Standard 4X4 features include the following:

Quigley uses the same Ford components used in the Ford 4X4 F-Series trucks including the same axles, transfer case, rotors and suspension components. Another benefit when working with Quigley is that there are hundreds of stocking dealers across the United States so finding one on hand or special ordering for local pickup is fairly easy.

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Sportsmobile 4X4 Ford Campervan


Sportsmobile is a company with over five decades of history and three locations across the country including Huntington Indiana, Fresno California and Austin Texas. Unlike Quigley, Sportsmobile focuses on producing custom campervans and class B motorhomes. This includes a custom 4X4 RV made on the Ford E350 chassis. These are heavy duty off-road machines that also have many of the amenities enthusiasts expect with a campervan.

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U-Joint Offroad

U-Joint Offroad provides a variety of Ford 4X4 conversion services including conversion kits. The owner Chris prefers to work with each customer personally thus many of the products are not listed on the website.