Ford Transit Full-Size Van

The Full Size Ford Transit is the future of the Ford Van in North America, but it did not get there overnight. The Transit has been made for over 50 years and has led European markets as the top selling light commercial vehicle for almost the majority of them. The Ford Transit has become so popular in fact that it has become a catch all term to describe any light commercial van similar to the way Kleenex is known for all tissues or Tupperware for all plastic re-sealable containers.

Ford Transit History

The Transit was initially marketed primarily to Western Europe and Australia however today is the main full size van for Ford in every international market except for North America. The Transit has gone through eight generational changes since 1953 as follows:

  1. First (1st) Generation: 1953 - 1965 | AKA "Ford Taunus Transit"
  2. Second (2nd) Generation: 1966 - 1978 | Available as 3 and 4 Door Body Style
  3. Third (3rd) Generation: 1979 - 1986 | AKA "Mark 2 Model"
  4. Fourth (4th) Generation: 1987 - 1994 | AKA "Mark 3" & "Mark 4"
  5. Fifth (5th) Generation: 1995 - 2003 | Also called "Mark 5" and "Ford Tourneo"
  6. Sixth (6th) Generation: 2004 - 2006 | Also called "Mark 6" and "Ford Tourneo"
  7. Seventh (7th) Generation: 2007 - 2013 | Still in Production for China
  8. Eignth (8th) Generation: 2014 - Present | Introduction to North America

Transit Conversions

Like the Econoline the Ford Transit is made into 4X4 and campervans among other models by 3rd party companies. To learn more about Ford Transit based campervans check out >Ford Transit Camper. Additionally a passenger version of the Transit called the Tourneo was introduced in 1995 that is an 8-9 seat minibus.

Ford Transit Future

As the Ford Transit full size van is slated to replace the Econoline as the full size van for the American market, Ford is also introducing the Transit/Tourneo Custom which will be the passenger version. IN addition Ford will continue to provide the smaller compact panel van the Transit Connect.

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a compact MPV version of the full size Ford Transit panel van. The Transit Connect was introduced to the European market in 2002 and has been imported to America since mid-2009. The first generation includes four model variations as displayed with starting MSRPs below.

Transit Connect Model Lineup

Ford Transit Connect XL Van

Transit Connect XL Van

MSRP starting at $22,425

Ford Transit Connect XLT Van

Transit Connect XLT Van

MSRP starting at $23,485
Ford Transit Connect XLT Wagon

Transit Connect XLT Wagon

MSRP starting at $24,050

Ford Transit Connect XLT Wagon Premium

XLT Wagon Premium

MSRP starting at $24,200

Ford has introduced the Second Generation Transit Connect for model year 2014 that features various engine and transmission upgrades among other advanced features.

Find out more about Ford Transit Connect conversion into class B Motorhomes or campervans at