Ford E-Series, Econoline & Club Wagon Conversion Vans

Ford Econoline Vans have been used for a variety of conversions since their inception. Both private owners and third party aftermarket specialties have used the E-Series Chassis, Frame and other basic components to create some unique and luxurious creations. Before finding out about specific popular Ford Conversion Vans let us first understand what constitutes a conversion van and the various types available.

What is a Conversion Van?

Conversion vans are commonly modified by third party companies or individuals for luxuries used for road trips, utility work and camping. Although Campervans or Class B Motorhomes are technically also conversion vans, we have designed a separate page to dive into this type of Ford Van. Please check out our Ford Camper Van page for more information.

How a Conversion Van is made

The basis for most conversion vans is a full-size cargo van such as the Ford Econoline (E-Series) or Ford Transit. Other manufacturer's models that are used include the current model Chevrolet Express, GMC Savanna and Dodge Sprinter along with past models, GMC Vandura and Safari, Chevy Astro Van, Dodge Ram Van along with Volkswagen Eurovans and Type 2 VW Buses.

Conversion Van High Tops
While Low Top (Original Factor Roof) Conversion Vans exist, the trademark of a conversion van is the high top also known as the elk roof or high-raised roof. This is constructed by removing a portion of the factory roof and a custom or bolt in roof added which allows for occupants to stand in the van without bending over much like a full size bus. This high top section is also used for storage, shelving and audio/ visual (AV) equipment. While a high top yields lower fuel economy, they are highly desired by conversion van customers as they provide many luxurious benefits.

Conversion Van Types

Ford Travel Conversion Van

Travel Van

Besides Motorhomes Conversion vans are commonly converted into basic Travel vans for long distance road trips or full time rental / business use. These vans are typically outfitted with custom plush seating such as captain's chairs and a rear bench that becomes a bed. It is also common to find TVs, monitors, gaming systems and custom stereo components.

Ford Wheelchair Van Conversion

Disability Vans

These vans are customized for handicapped people with are confined to wheelchair. A raised roof and lowered floor is common to adjust for wheel chair ride height. Additionally interior seating is customized to allow for comfortable placement of one or more wheel chairs. The most notable feature of disability vans however is the additional of a platform lift either to the side or rear of the van which allows for easy entry and exit for those in wheelchairs.

Ford News / Office Van

Office Vans

Office or broadcast vans used primarily by traveling salesmen and news crews are outfitted with one or multiple desks in the rear along with seating. Additionally office chairs bolted to the floor with closeable shelving may be added for easier use during transport. Lastly, electrical outlets or other forms of power are made available for easy use.

Ford Conversion Van Manufacturers

There are many specialty third party companies that make disability and office vans along with class C and B motorhomes utilizing the Ford Econoline chassis and frame. Additionally, while disability, office and camper vans are also known as conversion vans, the terms is more accurately used to describe luxurious travel vans.

2013 Explorer Van Interior

Explorer America's Van

The most well-known Ford Conversion Van company for Travel Use is Explorer America's Van. This includes a heavily customized Ford E150 with amenities such as Insulated Coolers, Power Outlets and Gaming Hookups standard. Additional options include power sunroof, flip down LCD monitors and leather seating.

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