Transport & Rental Vehicles: E-Series Passenger Wagons

Ford Passenger Van

Along with use as commercial cargo vans or light utility vehicles, the Ford Econoline has long been used for the transport of passengers. Today Ford refers to the passenger version of the E-Series as the "Wagon" however vintage Econoline passenger vans were known as "Window" vans or minibuses.

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Ford Econoline Vans are advantageous for daily use as passenger vans for both family and business use. Some of these given scenarios below are provided below.

Ford 15 Passenger Van

Ford Econoline (E350) 15 Passenger Van

One of the major benefits with the Ford Club Wagon is that it provides the middle solution between a large SUV and an actual bus. This is why they are a sensible solution for businesses and public organizations and can be a luxury for families.

Ford 15 Passenger Van Seating Chart

Ford 15 Passenger Van

Another benefit with the Ford E-Series Wagon and Econoline Passenger Van, is that the 12 and 15 passenger versions are some of the largest people capacity stock vehicles before moving to an actual bus. At a length of 18 feet the 15 passenger Ford Econoline van is long but still at a price well below most more involved dedicated transportation vehicles. (Picture above shows seating diagram)

The current lineup of E-Series Wagons are as follows, see the E-Series Pages for more detailed information including starting MSRP.

Ford Tourneo Custom

Ford Transit/Tourneo Custom

Originally introduced in 1995 for international markets, the Tourneo Custom will be North America's new passenger van from Ford for model year 2014. This is a mid-sized van that is likely to seat 8 to 9 passengers. For more information visit the Transit page.

Ford Tourneo Custom Concept

Ford Tourneo Custom Concept