Ford Cargo Van: E-Series, Transit & Transit Connect

The Ford Econoline has long been used as a cargo van for commercial purposes. This includes both individual use for small businesses, handymen and other works along with fleet usage for large companies such as delivery services, cable/internet providers and more. If you are looking for a Ford Econoline Van For Sale visit our For Sale page.

Ford Cargo Van

What is a Cargo Van?

Cargo vans are distinct from full-size passenger vans and minivans in that the rear portion of the vehicle does not have windows nor seating. Rather this area is wide open or customized with shelving and other storage units are variable van by van. The key is that by removing the seats and windows allows for the maximum usage of the space.

Why not use a Pickup Truck?
Pickup trucks with an open bed have their distinct benefit such as the ability to haul oversized, hazardous or dirty materials. However vans also have unique benefits. The enclosed "bed" or "trunk" space allows for keeping variable materials safe from would be thieves and also allows for unique ways to create shelving and mounting opportunities.

Although either occupation / industry could use a van or truck, a good way to think of it is a construction crew would use a pickup truck while a cable company would use a cargo van. The construction worker can use the pickup to haul lumber or gravel while the cable guy can create storage space in the van for small components and keep them safely locked away when on or off the job.

Commerical Van vs Work Truck

Commerical Van vs Work Truck

The current lineup of E-Series Cargo Vans is as follows, see the E-Series Pages for more detailed information including starting MSRP.

Transit Cargo Van

Ford Transit and Transit Connect Cargo Vans

Additional Cargo vans that Ford produces are the Transit and Transit Connect. While currently only the Transit Connect is available in North American, model year 2014 will mark the introducing of the full size Transit to the North American market. For more information on the Transit and Transit connect visit the Ford Transit Van page.

Custom Tailgate Transit Connect

Custom "SUPER! Tailgate" Transit Connect Cargo Van