Find New & Used Ford Vans For Sale

Because there are literally tens of thousands of new and used Ford Econoline, Club Wagon and E-Series vans listed for sale online; it is currently outside of the scope of this page to include all of these classified ads. We do however provide a monthly updated Vintage Ford Econoline Van For Sale page focused on first (1st) generation 1961 - 1967 classic and collectible Ford Compact Vans.

If you are looking for a newer Econoline van or a specific model such as a conversion, cutaway, campervan or commercial version follow the step by step instructions below for how to use a powerful online tool called Auto Tempest to search across all major classifieds sites for all cities in North America all at once. This includes Craigslist.

Best Search Tool: Ford camper Vans For Sale - North American Classifieds
Step By Step Guide - Search All of Craigslist & More (Screenshots Below)

  1. Go to
  2. Select Make "Ford"
  3. Select Model "Econoline" or "E-350" or "Econoline Wagon" etc.
  4. Populate Distance, Price Range and Years Fields or leave blank
  5. Add Keywords such as "Campervan" or "Conversion" or "4X4" or leave blank
  6. Click on Search
  7. Use Icons on top right to select specific classifieds site

Ford Econoline For Sale Guide Step 1

Start Screen For

Ford Econoline For Sale Guide Step 2

Results Page For

Searching Craigslist

For Craigslist click on the Search Tempest link. Craigslist is powered by Search Tempest and thus has more options once in windowed view. These options are namely how to sort by City and State, along with direct results mode which pops up an easy to navigate two window view. AutoTempest is useful for searching all of Craigslist for unique vehicles such as a particular type of Ford Econoline Van such as a Ford Econoline Conversion Van, or for a specific year such as 1963.

However if you are looking for something more generic or broad such as any 4X4 Van or Cargo Van less than $5K you may want to go to directly and search by nearby cities or states. (See Screenshots Below)

Ford Econoline For Sale Guide Step 3

Disclaimer Before Seeing Results

Ford Econoline For Sale Guide Step 4 results Windowed in

Ford Econoline For Sale Guide Step 5 Start Page

It may seem a little cumbersome at first but these are powerful tools that make it much easier to find rare, vintage and classic automobiles. Should you have any questions about how to use or feel free to contact us.